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Put on your fighting bandana and tackle all the porn with reckless abandonment

Yeah, totally. And you just know that shit’ll be flowing in the wind behind me all dramatically.

Yeah just like that.

Aaaaaaaand there goes another follower.

Note to self: People don’t like it when I answer questions. 

Also, you implied that there's a huge amount of porn in the fandom, because you found 48000 porn pictures. Well, I found over a million pictures that aren't porn. Stop saying and implying the fandom is overrun by porn, it's simply not true. It's a very, very, very, very small minority.

48,000 (it’s almost 49,000 now by the way) is still an insane amount of porn. And I didn’t say or imply the fandom was overrun by porn. I just said it made a lot of it.

My source is searching "My Little Pony" on deviantart. Your turn.

Anon, I hate to break it to you, but deviantart is not exactly the paragon of virtue in terms of images being SFW. I mean, they might not actually show the naughty bits, but one look can tell you that the image is sexually charged. So the completely irrelevant number you produced isn’t even exactly accurate.

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wait, are you an anti-brony? i ask because the description of that blog

No??? Have you even seen this blog? It is literally based on mlp. I just like clearing up rumors with information is all.

Uh, if you look at actual percentages, the amount of MLP porn is NOT higher than any other fandom. Yes, there's a lot of porn, but there's also an IMMENSELY HUGE AMOUNT of innocent art out there, way more than any other fandom. Which means, yes, in terms of numbers, there's more MLP porn than in other fandoms, in terms of percentages though, there's not. Only about 4% of all the existing MLP art is porn. Simpsons for example has a way higher percentage. Stop making stuff up and inform yourself.

I said that the rate of creation was higher, not that the cumulative amount was larger. Also, I never said anything about the ratio of porn images to non-porn images. That was an irrelevant fact in the discussion I was in. And for that matter, where are your sources? For someone so intent on accusing me of unsourced knowledge, you seem to be lacking quite a bit in that department yourself.

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